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Do you need funding in the shortest time possible?

By improving cash flow to cover your current expenses, we help you realize your business ambitions and succeed in your line of work. Your business plans can materialize faster than ever by counting on the support offered by UniCredit Bank.

As I develop my business, I need a source of money that covers my unexpected expenses.

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To meet your current financing needs we can offer you a Credit line that can be used as cash (for payments) or non-cash (for letters of credit and / or Bank Guarantee letters).

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I need a reliable financing plan so that I can purchase raw and high quality materials and keep my company running at the highest possible standards.

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If you wish to acquire raw materials, objects or even inventory financing of commercial contracts, we recommend the loan for general expenses with repayments.

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I have to cover the gap between incoming payments from customers and payments made to suppliers and I need a fast solution.

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We offer an overdraft credit service that you can use immediately and without formalities to cover amounts exceeding those available in your company's account. This way you can spend over your income.

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