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Financing your business's general needs

From improving your cash-flow to covering current needs, we help you achieve the business objectives you have set. Your business plan can be achieved faster with UniCredit Bank's support.

Working capital line for small and medium enterprises

We know it’s hard to start a new business, but you can easily get the support you need to make it grow!

That’s why we offer you the working capital line for small and medium enterprises.

Choose the 12-month credit line, which you can renew at maturity.

Benefits of the working capital line:

  • Accessibility: you can access the funds necessary to cover the gap between payments and incoming payments, unexpected expenses, letters of guarantee, credit issuance or other expenses related to current activity.
  • Flexibility: available in lei, euros or American dollars, according to the activity and needs of your business. In the case of multi-currency credit lines, you can make payments in any of the three approved currencies.
  • Time saver: no justification documents required for general expenditures, so you don’t have to come in our branches for every payment you need to make.

For current payments, the Business Credit Card or the General Needs Term Loan may be useful.

This product is addressed specially to clients that want to correlate the incoming payments related to commercial contracts with the reimbursement schedule of a bank's loan or to those that want a clear product reimbursement scheme for better liquidities' control. 

The loan is offered for a period of maximum 5 years and can be used for general expenses, materials, raw materials, inventories acquisition, commercial contracts financing. We also recommend this product to companies that run a seasonal activity.

You have the following benefits:

  • Time saver: there are no justifying documents required for general expenses so you don't have to come in our branches for any payment you need to make from the credit line;
  • Can be granted in lei, euros or American dollars;
  • Monthly reimbursement or, in case of seasonal activities, quarterly reimbursement;
  • You can use the guarantees issued by the National/ International Guarantee Funds.

Factoring services can be useful to companies that deliver goods or carry out services with fixed term payments or to companies that are, by nature, fixed term payment buyers/debtors. The services you can access are:

  • Domestic Factoring;
  • Export Factoring;
  • Import Factoring;
  • Reverse Factoring.

Find more details here.

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