Card solutions

UniCredit Bank offers a wide range of card products and complex solutions for payment acceptance of cards for your business development.

Credit cards

UniCredit Bank offers to corporate clients an exclusive credit card, which besides the functionality of a classic credit card, also contains a carefully selected range of benefits for a unique Premium card experience.  

MasterCard Corporate Credit Card is a Premium card linked to a company credit account in lei or euros. It has a grace period for up to 45 days that's applied to all transactions performed at Merchants (POS/Imprinter/Internet), and are reimbursed in full at the payment due date or according to the minimum reimbursement amount mentioned in the Activity Report. 

Benefits attached to MasterCard Corporate Credit card

  • Discounts offered at MasterCard Partner Merchants within MasterCard Elite Program;
  • Access to more than 600 VIP lounges in international airports with the presentation of the Priority Pass card;
  • Access into UniCredit Business Lounge from Henri Coanda Airport, together with a guest, with the presentation of your MasterCard Corporate Credit card;
  • Travel Assistance Services available worldwide 24/7;
  • Travel Insurance attached to cards. Starting on 1st of March you can benefit from free travel insurance offered by Axeria Assistance Limited;
  • You can enjoy free Travel Insurance throughout the trip if you do at least one transaction in the last 3 months before the travel started with a MasterCard Corporate Credit card;
  • To qualify for this insurance, terms and conditions of the insurance provided by the insurer are met. Insurance terms and conditions are available here

Debit Cards

The debit cards offered by UniCredit Bank are: Visa Business Gold, MasterCard Business Gold, Visa Business Electron and Visa Business Silver - all of which are CHIP cards that provide cardholders with increased protection.

Benefits attached to a corporate debit card

  • Worldwide shopping including internet, safely and easy, without charge;
  • The transaction card limits can be set differently and separately for each card, depending on the transaction type;
  • Non-stop access to the current account for cash withdrawals from ATMs, in Romania and abroad;
  • 3D Secure Service - security for online card payments;
  • SMS Info – you are always updated with the transactions associated with your card, directly on your mobile phone;
  • You have access abroad to emergency services, in the case of card loss / theft, by calling the international number  001-303-967-1096 Visa Global Customer Care Services and 001-636-722-7111 MasterCard Global Services;
  • Visa Business Gold debit cards and MasterCard Business Gold benefit from the same travel insurance as MasterCard Corporate Credit Card. Insurance terms and conditions are available here.

Usage corporate cards

The operations that can be performed with a corporate debit and credit card: 

  • Payment of goods and services provided by accepting merchants that display a Visa and/or MasterCard logo and that have electronic card payment devices (POS) or imprinters (for embossed cards);
  • Contactless option for fast payments of up to RON 100, for which you will not need to enter the PIN code;
  • Cash withdrawal operations from ATMs, on a PIN code basis;
  • Cash withdrawals from other banks’ territorial units that have the Visa and / or MasterCard logo displayed;
  • Internet or mail order/telephone order (MO/TO) transactions;
  • Balance inquiry at the bank’s ATMs, on a PIN code basis;
  • PIN code change at the bank’s ATMs;
  • Mini-Account statement at the bank’s ATMs, on a PIN code basis;
  • Utilities invoice payment at the bank’s ATMs.

The cards may be used at all 15,000 ATMs belonging to the UniCredit network in 14 European countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania), with the same withdrawal fee charged by the issuing bank in its own network.

For additional information, you can contact us at or through your Relationship Manager. 

Card payment acceptance on a POS is a complete and secure solution that helps you improve your business activity.

With this service, you can collect payment for your products and services with Visa, MasterCard or AmEX* cards. Thus, you will offer to your customers an alternative means of payment, in a safe and comfortable manner, and building a long-term relationship with them.

*Thanks to a strategic banking partnership, UniCredit Bank is proud to offer and accept payments from AmEX. If you intend to accept AmEX cards, UniCredit Bank will analyze your request along with their partner. All necessary details will be established with your company’s Relationship Manager.

You can choose between:

  • card present payment acceptance - the most popular method of payment;
  • card not present payment acceptance - the method is specific to only certain merchant activities (eg: travel agencies, car rental or hotels/hostles).

If there are special requirements for the integration of the cash register (ECR), the bank can assist with them in the process of POS installment.

Choose from the 4 functionalities best suited for your activity:  

Discountry - Loyalty program for UniCredit Bank cardholders 

You can choose to become one of UniCredit Bank partner merchants in the Discountry loyalty program that's dedicated to the UniCredit Bank credit and debit cardholders. For each payment performed at POS, clients can pay up to 12 free of interest, or they can benefit from discounts, which gives them an additional reason to make more transactions. You can establish the number of installments or the level of discount.

Cash Back service at POS

This service allows your clients to withdraw cash from the POS, up to 150 lei/ transaction, when they pay with their Visa or MasterCard card in your store. The cash dispensed amount is automatically deducted from the cardholder's account and is credited in your company’s account at no additional fee.

Contactless acceptance 

Through the new contactless technology such as MasterCard’s PayPass and Visa’s PayWave, clients can quickly perform transactions up to 100 lei, by simply sliding their card through the POS, and without having to insert their PIN code and/or sign the receipt. This new technology significantly reduces the time clients have to spend at the cash register.

Unique Pay - Service of Bill (invoice) collection at POS 

Unique Pay is the solution proposed by UniCredit Bank for bill (invoice) collection (telephone/ utilities) through the POS installed by our bank. You can offer to your clients the possibility of paying their invoices, both by card and cash, by inserting either the phone number / client code with the help of bar code reader attached to the POS.


For additional information you can contact us at the following address or through your account officer. 

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