UniCredit Group is one of the biggest banking groups in Europe and offers regional solutions for financial investments and connected services throughout its locations in Central and Eastern Europe.

UniCredit Bank, via Global Securities Services Department, has provided custodial services in Romanian capital market since 1998. The Global Securities Services Department is part of Global Transaction Banking Divison.

By using UniCredit Bank services, the investors may have access both to Romanian and international capital markets through the sub-custodian relationships with other custodians.

UniCredit Bank S.A. - Global Securities Services Departament
1F Expozitiei Blvd.
District 1 Bucharest
Postal Code 012101

UniCredit Bank is authorized by the Financial Supervision Authority as an intermediate for financial services with the Certificate CNVM no.627/06.11.2006 and is enrolled in the ASF Registry Section 1 Intermediates that render financial investment services in Romania with the no. PJR01/NCR/400010.
Phone: +40 21 2002020
Fax: +40 21 2002022

Global Securities Services Department Management

Irina Savastre
Head of GSS
CNVM Decision 3360/07.11.2006

Phone: +4021 200 26 70
Fax: +4021 200 26 82/72

UniCredit Bank is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund and has the obligation to publish on its website the information required to identify the Investor Compensation Fund. Read more here.

More on Prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.

Global and local custody services:

  • Opening and maintaining the financial instruments accounts;
  • Safekeeping of domestic and foreign financial instruments;
  • The carry-out of trade settlement with financial instruments on local and foreign markets;
  • Financial Instruments transfers between depositories (internal and cross-border);
  • Portfolio evaluation and reporting to the custody’s clients; 
  • Custody services related to the financial instruments subscribed during public offers;
  • The issuing of the settlement commitment letters that encourage clients to subscribe in the public offers.

Global Securities Services Internal Control Manager

Viviana Traistaru
Decizia CNVM 3359/07.11.2006

Phone: +4021 200 2673     
Fax:+4021 200 26 82/72
Customer relations        

Andreea Albu
Decizia CNVM 1374/21.09.2009

Phone: +44021 200 2678    
Fax:+021 200 2682/72

Accounts administration and clearing

Ioana Marinescu 
Decizia CNVM 1565/30.08.2007

Phone: +4021 200 2676
Fax:+4021 200 26 82/72

Vlad Voica 
Decizia CNVM 1387/22.10.2010

Phone: +4021 200 2681 
Fax:+4021 200 26 82/72 

Management services for corporate events

  • Management of the information related to the companies’ shareholders meetings, voting instructions, and proxy;
  • Voluntary and mandatory corporate events - dividends, capital increase, mergers, public offers, etc.;
  • Collection and distribution of the income collected from financial instruments – dividends and coupons and management of the documents related to the tax obligations

Corporate events
Gherghina Mares 
Decizia CNVM 1390/03.07.2008    

Phone: +4021 200 2674     
Fax:+4021 200 2682/72     

Cristina Giulescu
Decizia CNVM 1565/30.08.2007

Phone: +4021 200 2675     
Fax:+4021 200 2682/72     

Marin Stoica
Autorizatie ASF 257/28.10.2014

Phone: +4021 200 1494     
Fax:+4021 200 2682/72     

Depositoy services

UniCredit Bank is an authorised depositor for OPC stocks through CNVM Decision no.66/2006 and is enrolled in the ASF Registry - Depositors Section under the numer PJR10DEPR/400011.

Registration, verification, and certification of the net asset value for investment funds according to the legislation in place.

NAV Calculation and Reporting

Angelica Sfintescu
Decizia CNVM 1390/03.07.2008    

Phone: +4021 200 2679 
Fax:+4021 200 2682/72     

Bogdan Badulescu 
Decizia CNVM 767/17.04.2008

Phone: +4021 200 2677     
Fax:+4021 200 2682/72     

Why choose UniCredit Bank?

  • UniCredit Group's committment to custody and depository services;
  • UniCredit Bank received a high level of appreciation from all clients that took part of the surveys conducted by the Global Custodian;
  • Vast experience due to the Bank's constant presence on the capital market of Romania since 1998;
  • Stable, motivated, and highly trained professionals;
  • Advantages offered by GSS belonging to the Group's structure;
  • Unitary policy of operational risk management, implemented at group level for custody and depository activities.

For more information regarding the custody services and the depository bank, please contact us at the folowing e-mail addresses:

Client relationship:

Clearing financial instruments:

Corporate events:

Depository Bank:

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