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Special solutions for advanced management of liquidities

Solutions for effective domestic and cross-border concentrations of liquidites within the UniCredit Group for holding companies and/or groups of companies.

Cash sweeping is, in other words, the concentration of solutions between the current accounts of the same company. You can benefit from the following possibilities:

  • Zero balancing – positive/negative balances are transferred/ covered into/from the main account at the end of the day (balance at the end of the day in the participating accounts will be zero);
  • Target balancing – the participating accounts shall have a balance at the end of the day that equals the amount pre-established following the transfers into/from the main account;
  • Reverse balancing – transfers are performed at the end of the day (the balance will be zero for the participating accounts) and their reversal shall be performed in the morning of the second day.

For additional information you can contact us at the following address or through your account officer. 

UniCredit Bank offers a wide range of efficient solutions for the concentration of liquidity. These represent non-standard operation services on mandate based customer accounts for holding companies or/and groups of companies, that aim to manage the movement of assets and of the group/holding companies available liquidity (treasury operations).

Our bank provides effective domestic and cross border cash pooling solutions within the UniCredit Group. Each concentration request for liquidities shall be discussed in detail with you in order to establish the most suitable solution for your company in regards to account structure, currency involved, etc.

UniCredit Bank advises the group of companies to request legal and fiscal guidance on tax implications, as well as on accounting inclusion and legal capacity to participate in such structures. 

For additional information you can contact us at the following address or through your account officer. 

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